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My name is Stephanie, married to Steven over 10 years now, childhood sweethearts, we are the Best of Friends! Our first son, Steven Richard was born on a beautiful Sat. in March! Our baby girl Sophia Rose was born on Thanksgiving Day! The feeling of parenthood is unbelievable! We are blessed! We built our 2nd home together, it has made us home bodies for sure! I went back to school & graduated Fall 2010! Probably one of the best experiences! I completed 2 Associate Degrees in Biology & Pre-Nursing graduating w/ highest honors, Phi Theta Kappa, & National Society of Collegiate Scholars! Now my hubby is going to school & got his Associates in Engineering Fall 2012! We have a Jack Russell Zena! We also have 2 turtles, Lily & Smithers! We love to be around family! We enjoy traveling, diving volunteering at Aquarena Springs, & the latest astronomy, we are volunteers for Brazos Bend State Parks George Observatory! Definitely love to travel, dive, & astronomy it is in my blood, thanks Mom & Dad!

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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Some of Our Week! Blessed!

Cousins all getting ready for Soccer Practice!!!!!
Just love this and Hunter is all ready for the group!!!!
They just LOVE their Grandma!!!!! :)
We love her a whole lot too!!!!!!! :)
Busy week, cub scouts, church was canceled for the fair, so 
we decided to go see Hotel Transylvania 2!!!!!
It was so cute and funny! We had a great time!
Silly guys!!!!
Football practice and getting ready for spelling and math tests!
School is back in FULL FORCE!
We are ready!!!!! :)
Steven Richard just scored a touch down
in scrimmage against the 2nd and 3rd graders!!!!!
Steven Richard got all A's on his progress report! 
Late night and we have been staying busy but so proud!!
Well this was a nice surprise!
My boss got new art work and chose this one
for my office the palms and sunflowers!
I love it and ready to plan my next trip!
The artist Parvez if from Canada and uses reclaimed wood!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Fall Decor, Cuddles, and Cookies!

Lunch with these cuties!
Cuddles too!!!! :)
This is when we were singing peace and harmony through all the world!
They had to have the masks lol!
A scary ghost and a pumpkin!
And we started getting all the fall and Halloween decor out!
Some of our favorite books!
Love this hat from Uncle Michael!
Glow spiders!
Light up pumpkins some of our favorites!
Our fall bouquet.
Some of their 1st cards!
Sophia loves our outside decor!
And I figured we can always give thanks!
Turkey that sings from my grandpa! :)
Laying in bed with these two and she lined up all her many babies!
Love lunch with the two, we had a great Friday!
Oh my sweetness and my heart!
All our fall decor!
My loves!

Grandma, Mom, and Dad's Travels! :)

My favorite!
Love her so MUCH!
Best advice from Grandma,
"You are never alone, always pray, 
be the love, and the light!
Be Kind Always, no matter what others are being!
That is their problem, you know what is right in your heart!"
So true from a very loving wise, woman!
Sweet Stop Spot on their trip!
At the Constabulary in Branson, MS in honor of Grandpa!
Dad, I bet the last to leave sharing stories and talking! :)
I wonder where I get it! ;)
You can do "All Things through Christ Who Strengthens you!"
I remember Steven and I right here at this very place 
when I was pregnant with Steven Richard!
I need to take the family now that we have grown! :)
We need to see the Passion Play!
Out on the Town!

Some of Tennessee!

I think they are having a great time!
Some of the shows in Branson! :)
Grandma and Dad! :)
Dad's cousin Genevieve and Rob and their daughter!
This is my favorite picture!
You can just tell the weather is lovely!
Dad and Denny's wife Becky Roos.
We will always miss Denny, may he rest in peace.
TJ, Michelle, and Jeff! :)
Grandma in Helen, GA
Dad in Helen, GA
Beautiful Helen, GA
What a wonderful trip they are having!
They are headed to Gulf shores next!
Taking there time and really enjoying themselves
every time I talk to them! :)
Parents having dinner in Gulf Shores!
Looks perfect to me!!!!!
I can not wait to go!!!!
Orange Beach!!!!
On the way home stop in Baton Rouge!
Thanks Wayne for the GREAT recommendation to them!!!!