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My name is Stephanie, married to Steven over 9 years now, childhood sweethearts, we are the Best of Friends! Our first son, Steven Richard was born on a beautiful Sat. in March! Our baby girl Sophia Rose was born on Thanksgiving Day! The feeling of parenthood is unbelievable! We are blessed! We built our 2nd home together, it has made us home bodies for sure! I went back to school & graduated Fall 2010! Probably one of the best experiences! I completed 2 Associate Degrees in Biology & Pre-Nursing graduating w/ highest honors, Phi Theta Kappa, & National Society of Collegiate Scholars! Now my hubby is going to school & got his Associates in Engineering Fall 2012! We have a Jack Russell Zena! We also have 2 turtles, Lily & Smithers! We love to be around family! We enjoy traveling, diving volunteering at Aquarena Springs, & the latest astronomy, we are volunteers for Brazos Bend State Parks George Observatory! Definitely love to travel, dive, & astronomy it is in my blood, thanks Mom & Dad!

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Maverick and Sophia!!!!

Going for a stroll to see the ducks!

Sonny and Cher!!!! They were so cute earlier
dancing, this was like the 20th time they played this lol!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pa on the Road to Recovery!

Thumbs up!
So glad to see these smiles!!!!!!
Pa is all situated at the rehab facility and on the 
road to gain his strength so he can get back home!
So happy to see these smiles!!!! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy 83rd Birthday Ma!!!!

 Our family visiting with Ma on her Birthday!
Very thankful Pa made it home and we got to visit at home
and he gets to have some peace from the hospital!
So grateful for this!
 Make a wish!
 Happy 83rd Birthday Ma!!!!
 Such a great picture Steven's Mom took!
Thank you Karen! Love you!
 Pa is HOME!!!!!!!!
I know he is THANKFUL for this!
Such a special lady and a very nice Birthday we really enjoyed visiting!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy 83rd Birthday Grandma!!!!!!

 The lady of the afternoon!
 We all had a really nice time!
 Fun and great conversations! Love my family!
 We had to wear Minnie hats!
 Love you all!
Grandma was SO happy and had a great time!!!!
Steven's hog came out perfectly and everyone seemed to enjoy it!
We took turns baby sitting it through Stevie's basketball game and
cub scout food drive! But we made it and kept the temperature just right 7 hours!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Go Thunder!!!!!

 He is SO good!
 I love going to watch him and seeing
the difference between last year and this year is AWESOME!!!!
 Team work!

We LOVE you so much and LOVE watching you learn and grow!!!!
Your the best Steven Richard!!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Proud of this boy!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

 Just lost tooth number 3!!!
All A's for the second 9 weeks!!!! Good job buddy!!!! Proud parents!!!!

Visiting Pa!!!!

Sophia and Pa!
Happy! Happy!
I think she likes the bear we got him!
SO glad Pa is walking and 
will get to go home SATURDAY!!!!

Graduating NMTSC Navy Medicine Training Support Center!

So proud of Christopher!!!!! 
Graduating from NMTSC Navy Medicine Training Support Center at Fort Sam Houston!!!!!
We LOVE you Christopher and you make us all PROUD!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Ranch!

Driving through at night!
The morning hunt! Or as I like to call it photo shoot! :)

Just me in the EARLY morning!
Steven and I My LOVE!
He caught me sleeping then sent this
picture to me to wake me up lol!
Watching a deer.

These pictures do no justice!
It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

I caught him sleeping in the evening hunt!
Watching rabbits...
and deer...
Just us!
and deer!
Oh the different senderos!
Stevie wanted to see a picture of the blind!

Love these cuties!

Lake blind with Sandra!

You can see the deer silhouette!

There he is we must have watched him for an hour!
He was chasing doe and all over the place
hen got right in front of the blind by Sandra!

Oh I love how you can see forever and the sunsets are amazing!

The moon in the late night!
Leaving to pick everyone up!
Charles said there are over 10 blinds on the over 1,400 acre ranch
with ranches all around us! So beautiful!

Rattle snake Charles killed!

We thank her for her food.
Steven's 4th doe. Yes I cried as I had watched her for
about an hour then I had to see the inevitable.
This was the last day and he wanted to get some meat to take home.
I appreciate my food in a whole new way knowing where it comes from.
Buddy got the buck, I enjoyed watching him graze!

We got the hog and for the first time ever going to try to smoke
it this weekend for grandma's 83rd birthday!
Hope it turns out good!
Aiden got the rabbits and is planning on making rabbit stew!
Good job to Buddy!

Steven hard at work!

We are tired! Got up at 4:30 every morning!
Had a great time visiting and learning several wonderful dishes to make
with Sandra it was so fun!!!! Love being  in nature.
I will say it was very tough watching the deer fall. That was the first time
I had ever seen it happen in front of me. INTENSE but makes you
truly appreciate your food and where it comes from.
Thank you to Sandra and Charles for teaching us SO much!
We love you both so much and just had a great time visiting with EVERYONE!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
What a nice, peaceful, hard working, beautiful experience!

We will never forget our time at the ranch!