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My name is Stephanie, married to Steven over 9 years now, childhood sweethearts, we are the Best of Friends! Our first son, Steven Richard was born on a beautiful Sat. in March! Our baby girl Sophia Rose was born on Thanksgiving Day! The feeling of parenthood is unbelievable! We are blessed! We built our 2nd home together, it has made us home bodies for sure! I went back to school & graduated Fall 2010! Probably one of the best experiences! I completed 2 Associate Degrees in Biology & Pre-Nursing graduating w/ highest honors, Phi Theta Kappa, & National Society of Collegiate Scholars! Now my hubby is going to school & got his Associates in Engineering Fall 2012! We have a Jack Russell Zena! We also have 2 turtles, Lily & Smithers! We love to be around family! We enjoy traveling, diving volunteering at Aquarena Springs, & the latest astronomy, we are volunteers for Brazos Bend State Parks George Observatory! Definitely love to travel, dive, & astronomy it is in my blood, thanks Mom & Dad!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some of Our Week!

 Reading with Steven Richard!!!!
He is doing SO good!!!!
 Sophia catching some toons while shopping with Grandma!
 Baby girl LOVES to shop!
 Watching Care Bears with my Girl for the first time!!!!

 We are going to this church event a good friend invited us too!
Judgement Day!
Should be very eye opening!
Lavinia Earle McArthur Cagle and John Sherman Cagle
Steven Mom Grandparents 
 Reading on Kate's Hello Kitty couch!
 Ready for their after school snack!!!! :)
 Reading in Kate's room on Steven Richard's
Cars table we gave her!!!!! :) 
They are just growing up too fast!
Girl LOVES to shop!!!!
Look at her go!!!! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


 Our little Speed Racer's!

 Go Carson! :)

 Baby girl needed an egg!

We had a very fun day!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


 Baby girl so ready for Shamu!!!!

 "Shamu jump Wader!"
 "Shamu jump Wader!"
  "Shamu jump Wader!"
  "Shamu jump Wader!"
  So the cool front hit and it was 30 cooler than the weekend before!
It was 99 last weekend and 69 this weekend! Hence no one was in the wet zone!
EXCEPT Carson and Steven Richard!!!! :)
This was after they got soaked and started running!
 They had so much fun!!!!
  Carson was relaxed and rode all by himself!
  Steven Richard was tall enough but just not into it!
 Such cool dudes!


  Azul was the favorite for Steven Richard this time
since the Sea Lion  show is on hold till Spring!



 The boys!
 Baby girl LOVES Daddy!!!!

 Rio Loco!
Watching the dolphins!
 TIRED after we left!

 Such a great day!
They slept very good!
Though they will tell you they never fell asleep! :)