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My name is Stephanie, married to Steven over 9 years now, childhood sweethearts, we are the Best of Friends! Our first son, Steven Richard was born on a beautiful Sat. in March! Our baby girl Sophia Rose was born on Thanksgiving Day! The feeling of parenthood is unbelievable! We are blessed! We built our 2nd home together, it has made us home bodies for sure! I went back to school & graduated Fall 2010! Probably one of the best experiences! I completed 2 Associate Degrees in Biology & Pre-Nursing graduating w/ highest honors, Phi Theta Kappa, & National Society of Collegiate Scholars! Now my hubby is going to school & got his Associates in Engineering Fall 2012! We have a Jack Russell Zena! We also have 2 turtles, Lily & Smithers! We love to be around family! We enjoy traveling, diving volunteering at Aquarena Springs, & the latest astronomy, we are volunteers for Brazos Bend State Parks George Observatory! Definitely love to travel, dive, & astronomy it is in my blood, thanks Mom & Dad!

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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Go Thunder! Last Basketball Game!!!!

 So fun to watch and such a great team!
 Grandpa rooting Steven on! :)

 The determination and drive he has shown 
between this year and last is awesome!!!!
His number one cheerleader!!!
Sophia made a friend!

So proud of how much he has grown this year!!!

Elias Garcia a great coach he will be coaching 3-4th next.
We will miss him! Maybe he will still be when Stevie is in 3rd grade.
Such a fun trophy ceremony!

Monday, March 02, 2015


 Zena found a warm snuggly spot in Sophia's room!
 They are taking over lol!
 Virtual Field Trip!
They loved this from Mrs. Seid's class!
They got to visit Grand Teton!
And Steven got to sit by his best buddy Milos!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Go Thunder!!!!!! So Stevie!!!!!

We are excited!
This is Steven Richard's last Basketball practice
this season! Go Thunder!
Tomorrow will be the last game then we
have a few weeks off till Coach Pitch Baseball starts!
He was a bit reluctant but I promised him
we would practice as this is a lot different than the T,
and he did agree and I think he is excited for
a challenge lets just hope he does 
not have to play out field too much!
We love you Steven Richard!!!!
Getting ready to head out for the day and noticed
some of the first frost I have seen on the roof tops this year!
A note from Mrs. Marik!
"I really enjoy Steven y'all are raising an awesome boy! :)"
Teacher of the Year!
Love her!
 Writing Stations!
Reading Stations with Sophia!

Go Texan Day!!!!

I must say... We have a fantastic teacher and one AWESOME boy!
Such a great group!!!!!
Happy Go Texan Day!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Miss Sophia and Miss Kate!!!!!

Cutest babies ever!!!!!
 Can you spot Baby Girl in her pigtails for Western Day?!
CUTENESS overload!
Cousins!!!!! :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Birthday Party Time!!!!!

Really Steven Richard will be 7!!!!
Where has the time gone?!
I was just holding this precious baby boy in my arms...
Now he is going to be celebrating his 7th Birthday!!!!
Oh we LOVE you so!
You have changed our lives forever thank you!
You are magical in every way!!!!
We love you bear!!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Games Day ~ BINGO with the family!

 I know Grandma was especially proud to have everyone there!!!!
 Her Great Grandchildren drawing the tickets!!!!!
 Miss Bella drew Grandma's name for the Manicure / Pedicure Price!!!
Awesome job Miss Bella!!!!

 They were so cute!
They did a great job at BINGO too!
I think they really had fun!
Making memories!!!!! LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!
It truly is the littlest things that matter!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

 The little girls were so cute!

 Beautiful dances!
 Great music!
 So many lions, dragons, and fireworks!



Steven Richard did not want to leave and really enjoyed the whole show! 

 He was so proud of the red envelope!
Happy Chinese New Year! 
Lion and Dragon Dance with Fireworks! The kids got a red envelope too!
What a very fun FREE event and a great way to expose the
kids to different cultures!