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My name is Stephanie, married to Steven over 9 years now, childhood sweethearts, we are the Best of Friends! Our first son, Steven Richard was born on a beautiful Sat. in March! Our baby girl Sophia Rose was born on Thanksgiving Day! The feeling of parenthood is unbelievable! We are blessed! We built our 2nd home together, it has made us home bodies for sure! I went back to school & graduated Fall 2010! Probably one of the best experiences! I completed 2 Associate Degrees in Biology & Pre-Nursing graduating w/ highest honors, Phi Theta Kappa, & National Society of Collegiate Scholars! Now my hubby is going to school & got his Associates in Engineering Fall 2012! We have a Jack Russell Zena! We also have 2 turtles, Lily & Smithers! We love to be around family! We enjoy traveling, diving volunteering at Aquarena Springs, & the latest astronomy, we are volunteers for Brazos Bend State Parks George Observatory! Definitely love to travel, dive, & astronomy it is in my blood, thanks Mom & Dad!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Making Homemade Apple Strudel!!!!

 This was truly an experience!
 I had SO much fun and enjoyed meeting everyone!!!!

 Helped make 300 strudels!
 Had a great time helping St. Michael's and KJZT Foundation!!!!
SO glad I had this time with Mom!
As she said Grandpa (her Dad) would be so proud!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sophia's 2nd Birthday Decor!

 This girl WAS EXCITED!!!!!
 It was so fun and worth every bit!!!!!

 No peaking!
 The big reveal!
 OK so Mom was really excited too lol!

 My heart!
 She LOVED all the little touches!

 Cuddles with my girl!
 Stevie took our pictures!


 Party favors!


This was SO much FUN!!!!!!!!!

Art Work, Early Birthday, and Playing!!!!

 Gobble Till you Wobble!!!!
We plan on it!
 Baby girl loves this and is always saying 
"I made it!"
 Another one of her favorite creations!
 THANKS for all her books and for our hand
painted H!!!! From Michelle and TJ!!!!
Baby girl loves her books!
 Apple of my Eye Pj's!
 Loves to read!
 Playing with her party favors!!!!
 She had a blast and its all about Minnie!

 These two had a blast playing in her room!
 They were pretending to fall down!

 They kept laughing and it truly was hilarious!
Oh the Apple of my Eye!!!!
Can you believe already 2!!!!